Sunday, October 15, 2006


"Thai style"


Today, I read some discussions about “Thai style” in terms of democratic meaning. It seems to me that the following idea is quite interesting, so that I would like to share this idea to all of you.

Some Thai people like to quote "Thai style" democracy (in addition to all other kinds of "Thai style" objects) in order to justify when bad things happen, when those people agree to the wrong doings either because they are tired of finding the right solutions, or because they are afraid of fighting for the right things (especially when you see tanks and guns).

Quoting "Thai style" is just an excuse, not a solution. But how does it work to win argument and make people leave the problems and satisfied with "Thai style" whatever things (democracy, biggest sexual industry in the world, corruptions) we have?

It works because we are so proud of the independence of Thailand, the only under-developed nation never been colonized, survived WW1,2 mostly intact.

So patriotism is our macho, and if we use it in an argument, it makes us "higher" than others, because if we love the country more than they are, we are correct (you have to say it first to claim the priority of "loving my country").

Those people love to use "Thai style" as excuses NOT to change and convince people to get numb to the obviously wrong things in Thailand.

"Why you want to change the things in our great Thailand?",

"You can’t use western thinking here, it's Thailand. Don’t you love your country?",

"You don’t deserve to be Thai if you want to change this great Thailand, we have our own ways. etc."

Then opposing people will shut up and LEAVE the problems, waiting for another 14-15 years, to have it occur again, if not forever. Sad things about politics and abusive use of patriotism are that they label everything with nationality.

"Democracy? Who needs it, it's western concept, we have Thai style constitutional monarchy here...and boy we love to tear down the constitution when it doesn’t work",

"Science? It's materialisticism, it's western, it makes more and more bad-moral people",

“Computer? Computer is a machine that stores knowledge in its memory, and does automated calculations on that knowledge which can lead to materialisticism and it makes more and more bad-moral people too”

You have to wake up and realize that quoting "Thai style" on the wrong things, and satisfied with it is the ultimately abusive use of patriotism that leads to making Thailand the place which nurtures "malignant growth" and all sorts of social problems.

Thank you anyway for Mr. V For Vendetta to share his definition of “Thai style” in his point of view as my reference.

I agree with you that we have this myth of Thai Exceptionalism. That we are so unique that nobody understand us, and that they should not mess with our affairs.

All this talk of 'democracy' is getting so distorted. I don't know what Thai people mean by 'democracy' any more. I don't think they really appreciate what 'democracy' really is.

How about if we just use something more definitive.. for example, USA and France are 'republics' and UK is a 'constitutional monarchy'. The reasons people generally believe them to be 'democracies' are not the form of government, but rather that the participation of people (demos) in politics is institutionalized.

Then, Thailand was a 'constitutional monarchy'...with people's political power theoretically protected by the constitution, but I guess we don't have a constitution now, maybe we are an 'unconstitutional monarchy' at the moment?
Thank you for your comment.
Thai style is an excuse, when we cannot reach the way what others from the advanced world people do!!! I do agree!!

Keep doing your article!! i always come by here andd read it over!

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